Nutritive value of foods book


Nutritive value of foods book 

Equivalents by volume and weight / Tips for estimating amount of food consume /
Yield of cooked meat per pound of raw meat as purchased /Recommended daily dietary intakes
Food sources of additional nutrients / Daily values /Amount of total fat that provides 30 percent of calories and
saturated fat that provides 10 percent / Caffeine values /Nutritive value of the edible part of food
Beverages /Dairy products /Eggs /Fats and oils /Fish and shellfish/Fruits and fruit juices
Grain products/Legumes, nuts, and seeds/Meat and meat products/Mixed dishes and fast foods
Poultry and poultry products /Soups, sauces, and gravies /Sugars and sweets
Vegetables and vegetable products /Miscellaneous items.. 

United states department of agriculture 
agricultural research service 

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