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The directory covered agricultural companies information & products and all other areas that provide services for agricultural activity in Egypt and the Arab nations and some foreign countries that are commercially associated with the Middle East in the import and export of agricultural products - Showing marketing and business opportunities in the agricultural market

when you register as free membership you can add page about your company in green pages which include your company data : company name - phone - fax - website - e-mail - company logo - address - field

When you chose free listing or another Membership in the agricultural directory green pages.
You just do not increase the traffic on your website but also you earn external Links to your website which improves your visibility on search engines.

To improve the level of your presence and gain additional features you can choose the level you want , according to your marketing budget do you have where you can choose between memberships.

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الناشر Green Pages

دليلك الزراعى جرين بيدجيز هو اكبر دليل زراعى فى مصر والشرق الاوسط والدول العربية والافريقية تجد به كل ماتحتاج لنشاطك الزراعى مقالات ارشادية زراعية - كتب زراعية - مواعيد المعارض الزراعية -الشركات والمنتجات الزراعية فى مصر والدول العربية والشرق الاوسط والدول العربية والافريقية وبعض الدول الاجنبية الاوروبية والاسيوية - اخبار الزراعة - وظائف زراعية -